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Camilla Masked Moonlight Hair Clasp

Camilla Masked Moonlight Hair Clasp

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The Masked At Moonlight Hair Clasp is a decadent dance of black and gold artistry. Lacework of chains and charms form intricate Venetian masks and fans to reveal lavish leopard. A decadenet accent for your tresses, our statement claw clip is meticulously crafted from luxury French acetate. This hair accessory exudes a sense of nineties nostalgia with the unique printed design adding a playful touch and perfectly complemented by subtle gold hardware. Effortlessly secure your hair in a chic updo or create an elegant half-up style with this versatile claw clip. Its sturdy construction ensures a secure grip, while the luxurious material adds a touch of sophistication.

- Camilla printed
- Crystals
- H 4.5cm x W 9cm


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