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Estilo Emporio

Estilo Emporio Carolina Dress - Brasile Panna

Estilo Emporio Carolina Dress - Brasile Panna

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100% Linen, exclusively made in Positano for Estilo Emporio.

Introducing the Carolina Dress, a timeless sleeveless column dress that embodies simple sophistication. Its maxi length and v-neckline, gracing both the front and back, add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. The allure deepens with asymmetrical side slits adorning the front and back, creating intrigue with every step you take.

Crafted from our favourite core favourite weave, Brasile Panna, the Carolina Dress is the epitome of innovation and style. This signature weave redefines comfort and luxury, enhancing the dress's texture and feel. Elevate your fashion statement with this beautiful creation, designed to capture attention and turn heads wherever you go.

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