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Estilo Emporio

Estilo Emporio Manta Mini Dress - Rica

Estilo Emporio Manta Mini Dress - Rica

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Embrace relaxed sophistication with our Manta Mini Dress, a versatile shirt-style garment that epitomises effortless chic. Crafted in our vibrant Rica fabric, this dress celebrates the vibrancy of colour, adding an artistic flair to your wardrobe that's impossible to ignore.

Designed to be worn in many different ways, the Manta Mini Dress effortlessly transitions between styles. Wear it as a standalone dress for a casual look or layer it over pants for a chic ensemble that exudes confidence. Its adaptable nature makes it the perfect cover-up, effortlessly going from one occasion to the next with unparalleled ease.

Adding to its allure, the Manta Mini Dress features intriguing tie-detailed cuffs, adding an extra touch of personality.


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