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Sunset Lover

Sunset Lover Ethereal Elegance Halter Dress

Sunset Lover Ethereal Elegance Halter Dress

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Ethereal Elegance in the form of the Grounded Halter Dress. 

Crafted in luxurious linen and tencel this silhouette drapes with subtle seductiveness down the figure. The halter cowl design brings a timeless modesty but is kept contemporary.

Our Forest Mushroom Print is a combination of five distinct mushroom species found in Australia’s native forests. The mesmerising repeat print highlights and acknowledges the diversity and beauty of our unique plants. Adapted from scientific illustrations by Gilbert Dashorst 1990, Adelaide Botanic Garden. 

The placement of the print and contrast violet outline draws the eye vertically creating stature.

Handmade from 100% tencel.

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